Would you wait till your wedding day to try on your dress for the first time??  The Pre-Wedding Trial is not just a frivolous expense, it is your “Beauty Insurance” to make sure you are thrilled with our work and how we can make you look!

On your wedding day our primary  goal is to make you feel like the most beautiful woman on earth. Period  It’s YOUR special day, and we work hard to make sure we bring your vision to life.

We do this by meeting you first at the trial, and seeing your vision of what you would like to look like on your wedding day.  Bring us pictures, show us pinterest boards, instagram pics- everything you have been collecting so we can design a perfect image as a team.  We’re happy to discuss every detail  with you until we create that perfect look.

We suggest you have several trials with different artists so you can choose the perfect fit!


When we meet for the first time, we first go over all of the pictures you have and really listen to what you would like to see.  We create a totally individualized look for you before we start.  Many other artists actually do the same look on everybody, so here is where you will see the difference in our work.  Tobi has spent the last 35 years on set giving directors, editors and photographers exactly what they want, so know you are in good hands.

Once a look is decided on, Tobi mixes a custom formula for your airbrush foundation.  She is an airbrush expert- and was hired by ABC TV in New York to train all of their makeup artists on how to use the airbrush back when the networks had to change to HD, so you are in good hands!!

Tobi then flawlessly creates your bespoken look, and we discuss any changes.

Finally, your look is documented with notes, a face chart and photos, so the day of your wedding we can get right to work!